All modern cars are fitted with an ECU, this is basically a circuit board fitted with processors that allow the many different electrical components of your car to communicate with each other and maintain the smooth, economical and environmentally sound running of your vehicle. 

At ALR Tyres we have invested in the latest computer diagnostic hardware and up to date software which allows us to communicate with the ECU on your car - This helps us to provide fast and accurate diagnosis of a huge array of possible faults.


Not all faults can be detected electronically and so we also constantly invest in other equipment such as compression testers, pressure testers, injector testers, infra red cameras and Dial test indicators.........

Ultimately diagnosing faults can become costly, so regular maintenance of your car is the best option to reduce  the likelihood of anything going wrong.

At ALR Tyres a full service costs from just £225 including parts and vat. Click here to book your service now.

We have the diagnostic equipment and knowhow to work on a huge range of cars from hundreds of different manufacturers, below is a list of those manufacturers:.........

GM North America GM Brazil Chrysler​ Ford U.S.A Ford North America​ Acura Infiniti Lexus Holden GM Brilliance Auto BYD Changhe  Chang’an Chery Geely Great Wall Gonow Auto Hafei JAC Jiangling Tianjin FAW Audi Mercedes Benz BMW Citroen Ford (Europe) Fiat Jaguar Lancia Land Rover Opel Peugeot Porsche Renault Alfa Romeo Rover Saab Seat Skoda Smart car Mercedes Volvo Volkswagen Daihatsu Suzuki Mahindra Maruti Tata Daihatsu Honda Isuzu Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Subaru Suzuki Toyota Daewoo Hyundai Kia SangYong Perodua Proton GAZ VAZ.

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