Your tyres condition is critical for acceleration, braking, steering and cornering and as the driver, you are responsible for making sure tyres are legal and roadworthy.

Check the Tread Depth – Anything under 3mm can compromise performance and safety. Check Thread depth on all four tyres in various points along the tyre and the inner, outer and centre. Using a tread gauge or the built in tread wear indicator. The legal limit of minimum tread is 1.6mm

Check for Damage or Irregular Wear – Check for uneven wear, tears, crack or bulges and damage to the wheel rims. Poor alignment, under or over-inflation and harsh road conditions can cause damage that will ultimately compromise the reliability of your tyres.

Check the Tyre Pressure – Having the correct inflation pressure is essential, tyres naturally lose pressure over time so it is important to check them regularly.

Failure to comply with the legal minimum standards can result to fines of up to £2500 and 3 penalty points – for each illegal tyre. UK law requires car tyres to have a minimum of 1.6 of tread across the central three quarters of the tyre around its entire circumference.

This can be done in 3 simple steps;

Check your tread depth to make sure you’re safe and legal!

Using a 20 pence piece you can quickly and easily check whether your tyre tread depths are safe and legal. This keeps you and your passenger’s safe on the roads.

Simply insert a 20p coin into your tyre’s main tread grooves to see if the outer rim of the coin is covered by the tread. Repeat this in all the main grooves and at several points around its circumference. If you can see the rim of the coin when it is inserted at any point, your tyres may be illegal and should be checked by a tyre specialist.

When checking your tread depth, give the rest of the tyres a visual inspection for any cuts or bulges and remove any stones or object embedded in the tread. For further information tyresafe.org

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