Why getting your car serviced is so important!

At ALR Tyres we will always offer honest, clear advice.

Regularly servicing your car can save you from the unexpected costs of a breakdown or major mechanical failure which usually only occur in poorly maintained vehicles. Keeping your car on a regular service schedule will also ensure it runs smoothly and fuel efficiently saving you more money. It can be a false economy to avoid regular car servicing, since expected wear and tear requiring minor maintenance, can fast become a costly major repair or replacement.

The service schedule for all vehicles is different from one manufacturer to the next as well as depending on the miles the car covers and the age of the vehicle. We use the latest computer diagnostic software to ensure we are able to offer the correct service for your vehicle.

Here at ALR Tyres we have defined a comprehensive service checklist so that when you book your service either online or by calling 01582 760420 you know exactly what work takes place on your vehicle.

The three most common types of service required on most cars are:

Interim Service (Silver Service)

We have defined an Interim Service as having 35 main action points including, four changes and four top-ups. The changes include engine oil, oil filter air filter and wheel nut torque (depending on the vehicle’s mileage and manufacturer specification). We will also check and change the tyre pressure and top up the clutch fluid, power steering reservoir, brake fluid level and windscreen washer if required.

We will also perform checks on other parts of the vehicle and if these parts need changing we will communicate this with you in advance of carrying out the work to make sure you are aware of what additional work is required and whether any further costs may be incurred.

Book an Interim(silver) Service using our online booking form.

Full Service (Gold Service)

We have defined a Full Service as having 61 main action points. These will include all the points in an Interim Service as well as some additional checks, top-ups and changes including the fuel filter which is replaced based on the mileage and vehicle usage. Additional checks and top-ups include your coolant or antifreeze strength, the gearbox fluid, clutch fluid, axle and/or transaxle oil and non-sealed battery units. All of these tops-ups are undertaken where applicable for your specific vehicle and depending on the manufacturer guidelines. We also check spark plugs during a Full Service and change them based on the mileage and manufacturer specification.

We also perform overall health checks on your vehicle and if there is other work that needs attention or other parts that need changing We will communicate this with you in advance to make sure you are aware of what additional work is required and whether any further costs may be incurred.

Book a Full (gold) Service using our online booking form.

Oil Service (Bronze Service)

If you cover alot of miles then you may require an additional oil service (Bronze Service) inbetween your main services. This service includes an oil change, oil filter change and sump plug replaced. We can carry out an engine flush with any of our services to remove built up deposits from within the engine to further help to prolong the efficiency of your engine.

Book an Oil (Bronze) Service using our online booking form.

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